Instructions for making a kite

A kite has wire frame of lightweight wood or cane reed and should be light. 
1. and 2. First joins the reeds.

3. Cover the frame with paper. It may be of paper, paper from China, or otherthin paper you get, you also serve.   You could use polyethylene bags.

4. Paste the paper by folding the edges. If you are using polyethylene bags, you sew it, because there is no right glue to adhere it.

5. Tie a thread long, long, used to make your kite fly high, very high. It must betough and be more than twenty meters. Tie it in the upper cross frame and add four guides (two side and two on the bar below), and put them togetherafter the main thread. Put it after the queue.

6. For the kite to equilibrate well in air, the tail often must be five times longer than the body of the kite. Make it the same material as this. Cut pieces of 22 by 5 centimeters; tie them, or sew up glue on the tail, leaving two inches of each other.

7. To avoid tangling your line, use a roll and roll and unroll, as you see fit. Are designed to protect you and also a big stick, and about 15 inches long.

                                  8. Paint it ... and ... to fly!

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